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Photos from Ed de Giles Racing at Lilly Hall Farm

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Lilly Hall Farm – an idyllic, peaceful location with superb private facilities, where you can be sure your horses will receive the best attention.

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    view from the circular gallops

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    our own horsebox

  • Akavit
  • 1372-1347


  • frostyberry1

    Frosty Berry

  • Croquembouche


  • Kingsgatechoice


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    private gallops

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    woodchip gallops

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    Heading home

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    Mount Nelson yearling filly with Cloudchaser and Lucky Breeze (in foal to Paco boy)

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    all-weather gallop surfaces

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    Cay Location and Emily

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    Hannah and Quantum Dot

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    calm environment

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    room with a view

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    Lilbourne Lad Colt

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  • eddegilesracingweb-97
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    team work

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    4 time winner Akavit

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    Fred with his customary smile!

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    Ajzal looking after Shirocco yearling

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    Kingsgate Choice and Twenty One Choice enjoying post exercise paddock time

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    Donald and Gilly

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    Chilli Jam going through his paces

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    Goddess Epona