Ed de Giles' Blog

Update on horses and construction

We sold 6 horses at the sales some very well some average but no disasters! Top lot was Kashmiri Sunset sold to Donald McCain for 150,000 gns giving his owners a very healthy profit. He is a lovely horse and I am sure will give his new connections a lot of fun.

We only have two horses running at the moment, Quantum Dot and Kopenhagen. Running might be stretching it slightly with Kopenhagen!! He failed to jump from the stalls last time. He has been put through the stalls at home several times and has jumped very well. I am about to give up on him as he is very moderate but just want to step him up in trip before I call it a day. We will try and have him out shortly after Christmas, he wont take up his engagement on the 22nd.

Quantum Dot is proving a little frustrating as he does have a bit of ability. I think he is a 6f horse but has been jumping the gate very slowly so we tried him over 7f last time to give him a chance and of course he absolutely pinged the gate and didn't quite last home!! So back to 6f tomorrow no doubt he will fall out the stalls this time!! 

All the yearlings have settled in well and are coming along nicely with only 2 left to sell the Lillbourne lad and either the Princess Atoosa or Mark one Kodiacs so needless to say do have a look under horses for sale to see the details if you are interested!

Most of the horses are back in work after their winter break. I am leaving King and Fish a little bit longer as they will spend a fair bit of the time in the pool to try and keep them sound and I imagine the pool wont be ready until early march. We will have a handful of horses ready for February

The builders have been working at full steam on the barn and pool which is beginning to take shape. The barn will go up in the first week of January.