Lilly Hall Farm facilities

We have first class stabling and private exercise facilities here in Herefordshire for training Flat and National Hunt racehorses.

  • Private all weather gallops
  • two horse walkers
  • High Speed Treadmill, new in 2016
  • Equine Pool, new in 2015
  • stabling for 50 horses including a new barn in 2015
  • lunge ring
  • schooling facilities
  • 75 acres of spectacular post and rail turn out paddocks

In 2015 we made a significant step forward when we opened our new equine swimming pool and added stabling in the barn. These new facilities perfectly complement our superb private training grounds and existing stabling.

  • eddegilesracingweb-51

    6f woodchip gallop

  • web-f-eddegilesracingweb-52
  • web-f-eddegilesracingweb-46
  • eddegilesracingweb-102

    2f circular all-weather gallop in action

  • eddegilesracingweb-35

    Lilbourne Lad Colt and Richard

  • eddegilesracingweb-40

    Jamie on Marcle

  • eddegilesracingweb-61
  • web-f-eddegilesracingweb-5

    Frank in the wooden boxes

  • web-f-eddegilesracingweb-9

    The new barn

  • web-f-eddegilesracingweb-15

    Very spacious and airy new barn

  • web-f-eddegilesracingweb-87

    Quinta – gorgeous horse if only he tried harder!!

  • web-f-eddegilesracingweb-68
  • eddegilesracingweb-8
  • eddegilesracingweb-6
  • eddegilesracingweb-69

    Marcle enjoying a wash down!

  • eddegilesracingweb-73
  • eddegilesracingweb-74

    Croquembouche enjoying a dip!

  • web-f-eddegilesracingweb-75
  • eddegilesracingweb-76
  • web-f-eddegilesracingweb-77
  • web-f-eddegilesracingweb-79
  • web-f-eddegilesracingweb-78
  • treadmill010800x533
  • treadmill013800x533
  • treadmill019800x533
  • treadmill034533x800
  • treadmill042800x533
  • eddegilesracingweb-1

    Mark Georgetti – member of Three Counties Equine Hospital scanning a leg! Clean scan – phew!!!

  • eddegilesracingweb-3
  • eddegilesracingweb-85

    Tom hard at work! Wouldn't want his job! Mind you don't think he would want mine!!

  • eddegilesracingweb-84
  • eddegilesracingweb-92
  • eddegilesracingweb-93

    Nebulizer in use

  • eddegilesracingweb-94

    zamar in use

  • web-f-eddegilesracingweb-14

    Wind enjoying some down time!

  • web-f-eddegilesracingweb-63

    Mares and Mount Nelson yearling